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Dog Abdominal Pain Symptoms, Causes, and Tips 

The stomach is rumbling, your dog writhes, doesn't like its food and eats a lot of grass? The cause of this can be stomach pain. Many dog ​​owners suffer when their dog is not doing so well. But if you know the symptoms of abdominal pain and can help you more quickly. If your pet is doing well soon with the right treatment, things can get better. 


Note: These tips are not a substitute for a professional veterinarian diagnosis. Therefore, please visit a trusted veterinarian after 2 to 3 days at the latest.

The causes, symptoms and tips for abdominal pain in dogs at a glance:

1. How do I recognize stomach pain in dogs?
2. What to do if you have a stomach ache?
2. Constipation
3. Flatulence
4. Gastrointestinal infection
5. Poisoning
6. Torsion of the stomach
7. How do I recognize a torsion of the stomach
8. Peritonitis
9. Abdominal jokes and homeopathy

Abdominal pain in the dog
Bulging pain in the dog

How to recognize dog stomach pain: what are the symptoms?

Our dog cannot tell us what is wrong with it, so we should watch it closely and pay attention to the following things:
  • He does not like to eat or hardly eats anything ( loss of appetite ).
  • Loud grumbling and rumbling noises can be heard from the stomach .
  • He just can't rest properly and looks nervous.
  • Your dog stands in the so-called prayer position . So often stretches (dogs often take up the prayer position when they want to invite someone to play. Therefore, pay attention to other symptoms as well.)
  • Other dog breeds, on the other hand, curve upwards and make a cat hump
  • When you put your hand on your stomach, he is generally sensitive to touch there 
  • Your dog is drooling and licking its mouth with pain and / or nausea .
  • Abdominal pain can also be accompanied by diarrhea , depending on the cause . If you have a liquid stool with blood, you should go to the vet immediately.
Prayer position with the dog
Prayer position with the dog

How is nausea expressed in dogs?

Detecting nausea in a dog is not as easy as it is in us humans. Signs could, however, be abnormal salivation, frequent yawning, constant swallowing and / or smacking.

What can I do if my dog ​​has a stomach ache?

Since abdominal pain can have many causes, there is unfortunately no general advice here. In the course of the article I will go into the various causes and show you how you can help your dog individually.

One cause of brook pain in dogs can be constipation

Constipation is usually very uncomfortable. In most cases, a slight constipation will go away on its own. However, if you would like to support your dog in this, you can feed your dog light food, offer him enough water or even chamomile tea . You can also give your four-legged  friend digestive food in the form of boiled linen seeds, bran, some yogurt and / or a teaspoon of oil in the food.
If your dog has swallowed an indigestible foreign body, then you can give him sauerkraut to eat. 

Sauerkraut wraps itself around the foreign body and also has a laxative effect. However, if the foreign body closes the intestine, sauerkraut cannot help, then it must be surgically removed.

Flatulence can also be a cause of abdominal pain in dogs

When your dog has a stomachache, you don't always have to expect the worst. Sometimes it could be eating too fast or your dog has stolen something from the compot and reacts with gas. Chamomile tea or a little fresh yeast often helps here. Most dogs make do with grass, however, very often they eat themselves.

A quick note: Many dog ​​owners find it normal for their dog to pump constantly. But that is not the case at all. Very often it is because your dog does not tolerate the current dog food. 

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Abdominal pain in dogs can be a gastrointestinal infection or an inflammation of the stomach lining

An inflammation of the stomach lining (gastritis) is often accompanied by severe vomiting and sometimes diarrhea. These complaints also occur with a rather harmless gastrointestinal infection. You should therefore also watch out for other symptoms such as weight loss, loss of appetite, pale mucous membranes or dull fur. If you find this out, please see your vet.

A really serious cause of dog stomach pain can be poisoning

Your dog can suffer poisoning from spoiled food, poisonous food, rat poison or even from poisonous bait. If you notice that your dog is in severe pain, is vomiting and completely limp, the pupils are very narrow, the gums are pale and or the temperature suddenly drops, then you should act immediately and go to the vet.

Your dog will also be in extreme pain when the stomach rotates: only emergency surgery will help

A very dangerous cause of stomach pain in your dog is a torsion in the stomach. The stomach rotates around its own longitudinal axis. Nerves and blood vessels are squeezed off and the dog tries in vain to vomit. Every minute counts now. It is best to go to an animal clinic straight away if your vet is not performing any operations.

How does a dog react to a stomach twist? 

Symptoms of torsion in the dog

  • The dog changes position frequently and is quite restless
  • A distended stomach is very typical , as the stomach can no longer get rid of the gases
  • Because the stomach entirely through the bloat presses on the lungs, it can also affect the respiratory impact
  • The dog no longer gathers water , if it does, then he vomits it again immediately because the stomach cannot hold it.
  • In the advanced process, the dog appears listless and can go into shock
  • These symptoms are not as pronounced in some dogs. It is better to see the vet more often and describe the symptoms or visit the vet on site.

Peritonitis could be another cause of abdominal pain in dogs

Peritonitis is quite dangerous, but it is very rare. Clear signs of this are that the dog's abdominal wall is very tight (bulging), so that you might think that your dog is about to be seated. Very often diarrhea and vomiting are also added to this. In addition, the dogs are totally exhausted and have a fever. This is really no fun and your dog needs an operation right away.

Abdominal pain, diarrhea and homeopathy in dogs

Home remedies such as Morosh carrot soup, fennel tea or herbal gem can help with the minor causes of stomach pain or diarrhea in dogs.
The herbal jewel should be in every dog ​​pharmacy, as it can naturally help quickly with diarrhea, vomiting and upset stomach and much more.

Reico herbal jewel

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